When Trump’s war with Mexico began, he gave a speech that changed the face of the border

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The Trump administration’s plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border has been criticized as a major failure.

And a new study from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) says the US government is not being transparent about the plan, even to the extent that it has begun using the word “wall” to describe it.

“Trump’s ‘wall’ plan is a colossal failure, and the U.S. has no plan to defend the country from the threat of a border wall,” the report reads.

“We are witnessing a de facto border fence designed by the U,S.

government to protect its interests in Mexico and China.

This wall is an enormous and expensive waste of taxpayer money and time.”

The report comes as Trump is expected to unveil his second comprehensive immigration overhaul bill in the House of Representatives next week, which could include provisions to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to become legal residents in the United States, as well as a border fence.

The report argues that the government has not released a plan to keep the US from losing its economic leverage over Mexico, and argues that President Trump’s strategy is “unwarranted and short-sighted.”

“President Trump’s immigration strategy has been an attempt to leverage U. S. economic leverage against Mexico,” the CSIS report reads, adding that the US “may well be losing this leverage.”

“If we cannot control the flow of illegal immigration, then we will likely have to use military force to keep illegal immigration out of our country.”

The CSIS is a US think tank that has been a frequent critic of the Trump administration and the US’s policy on immigration.

The organization released a study last year calling for the Trump Administration to immediately release a comprehensive immigration reform plan.

In the report, the authors of the report argue that the U-S.

cannot afford to be “too aggressive” in its strategy to fight illegal immigration and that the country’s “legal immigration policies should be used to control the number of immigrants coming to the US.”

The researchers say that Trump’s “border wall” strategy is a “massive waste of resources and time,” and says the “US government is in danger of abandoning its most important policy tools” by not keeping them up to date.

“The US government has failed to provide sufficient information about the strategy, even after President Trump publicly outlined the plan,” the study reads.

“Despite public statements that border fences are needed to control illegal immigration from Mexico, the U.,S.

and Mexican governments have yet to share a comprehensive plan for border control.”

The study also suggests that the administration has not put in place the proper vetting procedures to ensure that the plan does not have unintended consequences for immigrants.

“The U.s. has failed in its mission to control immigration,” the researchers write, adding, “the administration has failed at its duty to secure the border.”