Kendra Scott: ‘I’m a mother’ and ‘I have a good heart’

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Kendra Scot, whose wedding was filmed in the midst of a devastating wildfire in the United States, is a mother of four.

The Canadian actress, who won a Tony Award for her role in the upcoming film A Christmas Story, has been outspoken in her support for the Canadian wildfire response and the fight against climate change.

The Canadian actress has been vocal about the need to combat climate change and her stance is supported by several notable celebrities.

Her daughter, Lillian, who was born in Canada, has become a celebrity in Canada thanks to her role on the reality television show The Bachelorette.

Scot, who is also the author of the forthcoming book I Know What You Did Last Summer, told CBC News that her children are doing a lot of good.

“We’re doing our best to help them and we are doing that on a very small scale,” she said.

We are doing our very best to support them and I have a very good heart.

I have been doing so for years and years and I’m proud of them and they are doing so well.

I just want them to be happy and proud of their parents.

I want them all to be proud of us and I want to help their families to be OK.

As for her upcoming film, which is set to hit theaters this summer, she said she will be doing her best to make sure it “gets made.”

“It’s a beautiful film and I will be making it the way I feel about it,” she added.

More than 20,000 people have been displaced by the fire in the state of Arizona, and Scot said she is grateful for the support.

It’s important to me that I have the support of my family and the people who are suffering,” she told CBC.

My kids are doing such a great job, I want that support.

They are doing amazing.

I love them and there is so much love for them.

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