Sterling Silver says it will no longer use the term “Lone Star”

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Sterling Silver has changed its name from the Lone Star Jewelry Company to the Sterling Silver Group.

The company said the change was due to the public reaction to the racially insensitive “Lonesome Dove” ad.

The “Lives Matter” ad, created by former Alabama football coach Nick Saban, was widely criticized for its use of racial slurs.

The company’s name has also been changed to the “Sterling Silver Group” and the company is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive company, Sterling Silver CEO Chris Wren said in a statement.

Sterlings newest logo features a star in the middle of a star, and it reads, “THE SILVER STAR.”

It was created to reflect the company’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all people, he said.

Sergio Sanchez/Associated PressThe name change is part of a broader change that the company made to its brand identity.

The logo was originally the “Lonestar” brand, which was changed in 2018.

That was due in part to complaints from customers about the company using a Confederate battle emblem on a pair of boots.

Sometime this year, the brand will have a new logo that reflects its current approach to diversity, Wren added.

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