Melinda Maria: ‘I can’t wait to have the opportunity to wear my jewelry and wear it with pride’

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Melinda Maria has been named Australia’s 2016-17 Woman of the Year.

Ms Maria, a 36-year-old marketing executive, was honoured by the Association of Australian Jewelers (AJIs) with the prestigious title.

“I can not wait to wear and wear my jewelery with pride,” she said.

The award was announced during the AJIs National Women of the year Awards Dinner at the Royal Adelaide Hotel on Saturday night.

“The AJI Awards are an award of recognition to those who have made significant impact on the lives of Australian women and girls,” Ms Maria said.

“It is an honour to be named by the association and a privilege to receive this honour.”

Melinda Marie is an inspiration to us all.

“The AJIs National Woman of Year Award recognises women who have been the most influential, positive and influential in shaping Australian life and culture.

The awards are given annually to those in the industry who have contributed to society and society as a whole.

The AJAs annual National Women in the Industry Awards Dinner is hosted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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