Apple’s new iMac line will be ‘an accessory to the Mac’

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Apple is working on a new line of accessories, which will allow users to connect a Mac to a variety of devices including an Apple TV, a new iPod Touch and a variety toasters, according to a new report.

Apple is planning to release a range of accessories in the coming months, including an iPad Mini, an iPad Pro and a new MacBook Pro, which are expected to include the Apple TV and a selection of Apple products, including the new MacBook Air.

The new MacBook line is rumored to include a new Apple TV remote, a third-party app store and the ability to add more iMac accessories to an existing iMac lineup.

In addition to the new Apple accessories, Apple is also expected to add a new version of the iMac to the lineup as well, with the company working on “new and refreshed” Macs, according a report by The Verge.

The news was first reported by MacRumors.

The company also recently unveiled the Mac Pro, a desktop computer that is expected to be a more affordable alternative to the more expensive iMac.

The Mac Pro is expected, in addition to a redesigned and thinner MacBook Pro and Apple Watch, to include new iBeacons for charging and tracking the device, as well as a new keyboard that can act as a physical keyboard.