‘Mystic’ dolls are on sale at a flea market in Toronto

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There are a lot of dolls out there that look like they are made by a secret society.

But if you go to a fleAway and look around, you’ll see a lot more dolls that aren’t dolls at all.

“It’s like the whole ‘Mystical’ thing, ” said Barbara Dior jewelry and art collector Betsey Johnson, who has seen many of the dolls she’s selling online.

“They have magic powers, or maybe they just look like dolls, or they can move.

They can make things happen.”

Dior is one of a handful of companies selling dolls online with the help of a group of people in Montreal called the “Spiral Doll Collective.”

The collective is a group that specializes in making dolls for young girls, with the intention of inspiring creativity in children.

The dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some sold for just a few bucks, others for a few hundred.

The goal of the group is to bring the spirit of the childhood into the modern world, said Dior’s co-founder and president, Susan Farr.

She said that the dolls are meant to be “a gateway into the world, where we can be the magic of the world.”

The collection, called the Dior Mystery Box, has been selling for the past six months at the Canadian Tire Flea Market in Toronto.

They come in three different sizes: a girl doll, a boy doll, and a doll with a human face.

Some dolls have names like Miss Fortune, or even “Princess Tutu,” and are available in several colours, including red, green, and yellow.

The price tag for each doll ranges from $60 to $800, with each doll selling for between $40 to $100.

“I don’t really know what’s the point,” said Diors co-owner Barbara Dormann.

“Maybe it’s for children who like the mystery and the magic, or just because they want a little bit of a surprise.”

“I think the dolls that we are selling, the ones that I think are unique and unique, I think it’s really a sign of our passion and our love for the dolls, Dorman said.

The group hopes to open its first location in Montreal in the coming months.

“There’s a little magic, and the girls really enjoy being around it.” “

These dolls are a bit like magic,” she said.

“There’s a little magic, and the girls really enjoy being around it.”

Dormans first doll was a baby blue.

“Now it’s a lot different,” she added.

“We’ve had some girls who are crying.”

She said the dolls come with an item called a “stunt ring” that is a little piece of jewelry that can be worn around the neck or tied around the finger.

There are also a variety toy dolls that can also be used as a prop.

Dormas sister, who also sells dolls, said that they have a lot to learn about dolls from the girls.

“When we have a doll that’s really fun and exciting and has a really strong personality, then the girls get excited about buying it,” she explained.

“The girls are so happy when they’re around the dolls.”

Ditto for her sister.

“She loves it when I wear the ring,” she laughed.

The girls also enjoy buying dolls for the little girls.

The sisters’ interest in dolls is shared by Dormani, who said that she’s been looking for a toy for years.

“A lot of people don’t know that I have dolls that I made,” she told CBC Toronto.

“And I think I made a lot for girls in the past, but I don’t have a toy anymore.”

She added that the girls love the dolls and she can’t wait to have the first doll in the box.

Dior has already opened a store in Montreal, in the area of St-Juan de Veld, a former military barracks, and said that as soon as the store opens it will have two more locations.

Dollars are also available at local flea markets in the Greater Toronto Area.

“If you’re a young girl and you’re into toys, or you want a doll for yourself, this is the place to go,” Dormanos sister, Barbara Dori, told CBC News.

“Everywhere you go, you can buy a doll and it’s just a wonderful way to spend time with a doll.”