Which Beach Jewelry Brands are the Most Popular?

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By: Steve LitchfieldEditor: Josh SagerWith summer upon us, there’s no shortage of beach jewelry to be found.

But where does your favorite brand of jewelry come from?

With many brands releasing limited edition collections, it’s important to find out what makes each brand tick.

To find out, we rounded up the top beach jewelry brands to get you the most out of your summer.

While we’ve done our best to include both the top brands and their most popular products, there are always exceptions.

If you’re not sure what brand to choose, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of beach brands to help you make a smart decision.

Here’s what you need to know about the top five brands of beach wedding jewelry:1.

Elegant Beads by LuluBeads.com | $15.99Sleek, classy, and stylish, the Lulu brand of beach bead bracelets are a must-have for beach weddings.

This stylish set includes two beautiful bead designs: a black, rose-inspired bead and a bright, silver-gold bead.

Each bead is a personal favorite, and you’ll also love the sleek, modern design of the Lulus bead bracelet clasp.

Available in a wide range of colors, the bracelet clasp is made with a black plastic and an elegant satin finish.

The clasp is also made with diamond-like diamonds, which means you’ll never see your precious jewelry tarnished.2.

Black Jewelry by TiffanyTiffany.com| $12.99The Tiffany brand of Beach jewelry is known for its signature and colorful jewelry, so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing Tiffany Beach jewelry become a must have for beach wedding guests.

This gorgeous, high-quality bracelet has a beautiful satin color, and it’s perfect for beach brides and grooms alike.

Available in two sizes, the necklace is designed to be worn with an understated, chic style.3.

Gold Jewelry from the Beach by The Beach JewelersThe Beach Jeweler’s website has a ton of great beach jewelry options.

The company has a wide selection of styles for beach-goers, from black and white to metallic to gold.

The Beach jewelry company’s jewelry ranges from the very basic to the highly coveted, so if you’re looking for something unique, The Beach offers you a unique and beautiful option.

Available at $14.99, The Gold Beach necklace features a satin and gold finish.4.

Gold Beach Jeweling from The BeachJewelry from The Island Jewelers.comThe Island Jeweler.com has a large selection of Beach Jewelries for the beach-loving beach-babe and beach-folks of the world.

This company has some of the best Beach jewelry in the world for your beach-centric wedding.

The Island jewelry range includes two gorgeous beach beads and a bracelet clasp.

Available for $15, the Beach Beach Jewelery bracelet has two beautiful diamond-shaped diamonds.5.

Jewelry for the Beach from The Sea JewelersSea Jewelers Beach Beach.com.

Sea Jeweler is one of the leading brands in the beach jewelry market, and they are a true icon for the industry.

These jewelry brands are available in two gorgeous colors, both with a satine finish.

The Sea Jewelry Beach.

Com bracelet is a unique design that is a great option for brides, grooms, and even couples looking to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

The Sea jewelry collection has gorgeous pieces from black, gold, and pearl.

The bracelets bracelet clasp features a silver-tone diamond.

Available at $12, the Sea Beach bracelet has satin, rose, and gold finishes.6.

Gold and Pearl Beach Jewely from The Sun JewelersSun Jewelers Gold Beach.net.

The Sun is a Beach jewelry brand that has a fantastic collection of Beach Beach jewelry.

The gold and pearl Beach jewelry collection is a perfect choice for bridal parties, as it is available in four gorgeous colors and a satiny finish.

Available as a bracelet, the Sun bracelet is made from a black metal and an exquisite satin metal finish.

Available for $11, the sun bracelet has silver, rose gold, pearl, and black finishes.7.

Jewelery for the Sea by The SeaJewelers.netThe Sea Jewers Beach.

Net Beach Jeweleries.com is another great Beach jewelry option.

This online beach jewelry retailer offers bridal beach jewelry for the most beautiful beach in the whole world.

Available with four different color palettes and a gorgeous satin polish, this jewelry collection can look beautiful in any color.

Available as a necklace, the bracelets necklace is made of an under-stated, elegant satiny metal finish, which can look wonderful in any shade of red.

Available with four gorgeous color palette options, the gold and pearls necklace can look fabulous in any of the beautiful colors.8.

Gold jewelry from The Jewelers at Sea.

Sea Jeweler Gold

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