Silver jewelry cleaner: ‘Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, is not the first place I would want to go’

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Azerbajani jeweler Zales has been named one of the world’s most successful beauty brands after selling over 300 million gold and silver jewelry cleaner and accessories.

The beauty brand, which also owns cosmetics brands Zara and Elomi, has been on a winning streak for more than a decade, thanks in part to its affordable prices and its commitment to its customers’ comfort and quality.

Zales products are available at more than 400 stores across Europe and the US.

Zaves products are also sold by the kilogram. 

Zales’ Zales Beauty Care Cleaner includes a specially formulated silver cleaner and the new Gold & Silver Jewelry Cleaner, which features an extra-soft, silky formula.

The cleaning product has been tested by a team of international experts who have reviewed Zales beauty products, Zales customers and the Zales brand.

The cleaning product is also available in a number of colour palettes and is currently available in more than 100 stores across the US and Europe.

Zets customers have also enjoyed an upgrade to the Zmes Gold & Gold Beauty Care Cleanser, the newest of its kind, which includes an exclusive blend of ingredients to ensure that the formula of the cleaning product can withstand repeated use, said Zales. 

In addition, Zes Beauty Care cleanser includes anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents, which have been tested and proven to work with over 1,000 products. 

“The new Beauty Care cleaner is a truly luxurious product that is packed with so many luxurious and natural ingredients to cleanse the skin, and it also features an incredibly easy-to-use cleaning wand to help keep skin soft and moisturised for a long period of time,” said Zaves founder and CEO, Tariq Al-Khalidi.

“The cleaning wand is incredibly simple and simple to use, and can be used to clean the entire face and body, making the cleaning cleaner even more versatile than ever.”

Zales Beauty Cleaner will be available in three different colour palette shades to match any style of jewellery or body jewellery.

The Zales Gold & Platinum Beauty Care cleaning wand has a sleek and streamlined design and is available in eight different colours to match the body jewellers look.

“Beauty care cleaners are designed to be used with a variety of brands.

The cleaner is available as an individual cleanser, as a gel cleanser or a cleansing powder.

And it can be applied to the face and hair, and the wand can be added to the skin as a facial cleanser,” said Al-Khabil. 

Al-Khaldi said the Zale Gold & Pearl Beauty Care cleansing wand was created to be the best and most effective way to clean your face and scalp.

“We’ve created a cleaning wand with a high level of safety, and a unique blend of the gold and pearl in order to give our products a gentle and long-lasting finish,” he said.

“For our customers, the Zlady Gold & Plated Beauty Care wand has become a staple, and we can now offer our customers even more luxury.”

Zale Gold Gold & Pearls Silver & Pearl cleanser was designed to remove any makeup, and to help remove dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin.

It is available at select Zales stores in the US, Europe and Japan. 

For more information, visit Zales’ online store.

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