Lauren B. and Fred Meyer: “My dream is to have a baby”

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Lauren B.’s father Fred Meyers was born in 1977 in Chicago.

She had already been a mom to two children at the time, but her father’s love for the family, and his desire to be a father to his three daughters, kept her on her feet as a single mother, working in the city to earn enough money to support her two children.

Lauren was raised by her grandmother and other friends in Chicago’s South Side, and she was a high school student at the University of Chicago when she was introduced to fashion by her older sister, Mimi, who was working as a stylist at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the 1980s.

“It was so amazing, I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the dream!'” she recalled.

Lauren, now 27, said she and her parents had always been in love, and they had been dating since she was about four years old.

Lauren and her siblings and her sister were also living in Los Angeles and New York City, but she grew up in Chicago, where she met her future husband, Fred, while attending the University at the City College of Chicago.

The couple, who met in 2009, met in Chicago and started dating soon after.

“My parents are really supportive of me, and we’ve been very lucky,” she said.

“I think my parents really liked what I was doing because I wanted to be in the fashion industry, and I always wanted to have children.”

“My Dream Is to Have a Baby” When Lauren was eight years old, her parents decided to move back to Chicago to be closer to their children, and the decision to have her a mom came at the right time.

“When we moved back to the South Side a lot of my friends were really into fashion and were into making their own fashion, and when I saw my grandma, my dad, and my stepdad were going to start making their clothing, I just knew I was going to be like, I can do this, I’m going to make this,” she recalled, recalling how much she loved fashion.

“But it was not until I was a teenager and I saw the trend in hip-hop, hip-hats, and stuff like that that I started to really appreciate fashion more and more.”

Lauren said that fashion became her passion when she became a fashion student at Columbia College in New York in 2006, but it was her love for music that was the first thing that pushed her into a fashion career.

“Music really pushed me into making a name for myself, so I really had to keep going, because I was just doing music all the time,” she continued.

“And it just made me want to be that.”

Lauren and Fred started a fashion label called Fred Meyers and Co., and they became big in the industry when they released a line of designer-branded clothing in 2013.

“I got a really good reaction to it, and then a few months later we started to sell clothing in the store, and that was a huge hit,” she added.

“People were really impressed by what we were doing.

So I just kind of stuck with it.

And then in 2018, we got a call from a friend that said, ‘Hey, you should really take a look at this label,'” Lauren said.

She said that when she started the label, she was excited by the possibility of making a living from fashion, but that she was shocked when she found out that the majority of her clothing was being made by a third-party company.

“I was like wow, what are they doing?

And then I found out about the fact that my dad made the clothes and I thought, ‘Okay, I guess I’m not making any money,'” she recalled of the company’s founder, David Leeb.

“The reason I made the clothing, he told me, was that he wanted to give back to his community by helping the community by giving back to them.

So it’s really his vision of how he wants to spend his time and his energy.”

She explained that she and Fred would often send clothing that was made in China to Haiti to help the families there, and to support their charities.

“So my dad was just so excited that I was working on this and he was like ‘Yo, we’re doing this, let’s do it.'”

She added that she found that the work she was doing had helped her in her life, and helped her grow as a person.

Lauren is currently a full-time employee for Fred Meyser & Co. and said that she is also currently working on her first fashion show in Haiti.

“It’s definitely the most challenging thing I’ve ever done,” she admitted.

“We had so many people who would say that I look like a model and I had to get

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