Couples find their diamonds in ice jewelry

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Couples have discovered their diamonds while wearing ice jewelry.

They were found on ice in the Arctic by two Canadian couples, and the find is the first documented instance of diamond ice finding in the northern hemisphere, the researchers said in a press release.

“The ice is like a sponge,” lead researcher Amanda Miller said.

“You can go back to a certain location and there’s an ice piece or piece of ice that was used in an activity or activity that was going on at the time.

We don’t really know what the ice is doing.” “

It’s an interesting finding because there’s been very little ice discovery in the arctic for a long time.

We don’t really know what the ice is doing.”

Miller and her husband were exploring the Arctic in 2014 when they discovered a piece of diamond in the ice.

She and her friend decided to keep the diamond, and then a year later they discovered another piece of the same diamond, also on ice.

Miller and the other couple were in the middle of an ice trip when the two found the diamond.

They told CBC News that the discovery was a surprise to them because they had expected it to be frozen solid.

“We never thought it would go as well as it did,” Miller said in the release.

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