How to save money on jewelry for bridesmaids

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BRIDGETTOWN, Ohio — If you’re looking for a bridesjewelry gift for your future brides,  here are five things to consider: 1. 

Avoid plastic: A lot of jewelry is made of plastic and can break easily.

If you’re going to wear your wedding dress or brides dress, make sure it has the best materials.

The plastic can easily become a hazard for you and your loved ones. 


Get a cheaper jewelry company: The price of jewelry has dropped significantly over the last decade, making it more affordable for bridal and brides jewelry companies to offer affordable brides gift bags. 


Use a cheaper glue: Glue can be expensive, and most of it comes from China.

Avoid using glue that comes from a Chinese company or that is made by a Chinese-based company.


Make sure your jewelry comes with a warranty: Many brides want to know if they’ll receive their gift with a lifetime warranty, and a reputable company will. 


Shop in a different store: Some of the stores that sell brides and bridal jewelry don’t carry the same brands and styles as the brides shop.

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