Bitcoin Cash price will soar to $500,000 soon

Posted by admin

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price will soon climb to $5,000,000 before reaching $5.2 million, according to CoinMarketCap data.

This is because Bitcoin Cash has been holding its price steady and it is expected to rise further, the data shows.

This will put Bitcoin Cash on a similar trajectory to Ethereum, which is a cryptocurrency that is not yet in the mainstream market.

Ethereum’s price is up to $3,000 and is expected for a big breakout soon.

Bitcoin Cash’s price fell by more than a third over the past two days, which was mostly due to price appreciation in other cryptocurrencies.

But, it should rebound in the coming days.

“Bitcoin Cash price should rise in coming days to reach $5k-$5.3k in price, and we have good indications of that happening in the next 48 hours,” said Jonathan Liu, head of research at Coinsetter.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses the bitcoin blockchain technology to track transactions.

Its creator, Charlie Lee, hopes to develop the currency to replace the dollar.

Bitcoin has surged over the last year after its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, revealed the secret code that allowed for its creation.

The cryptocurrency has gained more than 70 percent since its inception, and is currently valued at more than $8 billion.

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