Which Indian jewelry brand to get?

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FourFour2 article Indian jewelry brands to watch:   Royal Jewelry  (RJ)  is a leading Indian jewelry maker with more than 15,000 employees in India. 

It was founded in 1952 by N. K. Ambedkar, who founded the Jamiat-e-Islami (JI), the countrys oldest political party. 

RJ is owned by the state-owned Indian Oil Corporation. 

The company was founded on the premise of ensuring the safety of workers, particularly women. 

Its products are handcrafted by women in India, and are sold exclusively through independent stores. 

In 2018, RJD-owned RJD Jewelry opened a new store in Delhi, which opened the door for the brand to expand globally. 

For RJB, India is a market it has been waiting to see what the future holds. 

“Our brand in India is not just a fashion label, it’s an important part of our business,” Rajesh Vittal, founder and CEO of RJ, said in an interview. 

He explained that the brand has been making jewelry since 1954 and was created to be an Indian brand that is affordable and accessible. 

His aim is to provide consumers with affordable products that are easy to find. 

 “RJD Jewelers has a strong presence in the Indian market and its aim is that all Indian consumers will benefit from our products,” Vittal said. 

According to Vittal and his team, the brand is aiming to launch a range of jewelry from 2017. 

We are committed to creating products that meet the needs of the Indian consumer,” he said.

 In 2017, the company opened a new store in Delhi. 

On the heels of RJA opening a new store in Delh , another RJP store was opened in Gurgaon. 

A total of four new stores have been launched in the past few months. 

Vitalia Bhasin, head of marketing at RJR, said the store expanded to offer products made in India by India’s leading luxury brands. 

Bhasin said the brand will be focusing on the Indian market, which is expected to be the biggest and most important market in the future. 

India is also a key market for RJM, Vhitamani said. There are multiple stores in the country, and the brand has plans to provide to more customers. 

With a strong market presence in India and the importance of the brand, Bhadis said the company will be adding more stores in the coming years. Currently RJJ has one store and RJA has two stores in Delhi. These are not yet available for viewing. 

If you want to learn more about the brand, watch our video above. 

Stay tuned to FourFour Two as more big brands launch their brands in India.

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