How to buy a diamond ring engraved with a photo of your loved one

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A diamond ring that’s been branded with a message of love and affection engraved into its surface is going for $200,000.

The ring, which is being sold by a private dealer in the United States, was sold by American businessman Richard A. Dorsett Jr., a longtime collector of antique jewelry, and his wife, Sarah Dorsetts.

Richard A. Stott is the grandson of famed jewelry magnate and philanthropist Frederick Stott, and he’s been collecting jewelry since he was a child.

He said he has been collecting for more than 50 years and was particularly attracted to diamonds because of their sentimental value.

He told Al Jazeera: “They’re like a treasure trove of human emotion, and it’s rare to see something that has this emotional connection.”

The ring was engraved by Dorsets daughter and granddaughter, who are the owners of Dorset Jewelers, in 2008.

The auction house also says the ring is being offered at a price of $1,800, which was more than double the original asking price.

“I have a lot of respect for these individuals who are in this business and who have put so much love into their work,” said Richard A Dorsetti Jr.

The Dorsittses, who also own a private jewelry business in Washington, D.C., are also auctioning the ring.

The couple is offering the ring for a price “so that it can be used to help someone in need, or for a celebration,” said Sarah Densett.

They will be auctioning it next week in New York City.

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