Wall Jeweler Organizes a New Store in Nepal

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Wall Jewelers Organizes New Nepal Store.

The brand of Wall Jewelry Organizer was started by a mother and daughter team of two from Nepal.

It is now expanding to Nepal.

“I am thrilled to be able to bring the Wall Jeweleries Organizer brand to Nepal with a new store,” said Srinivas, a mother of two and mother of five.

The Wall Jewelery Organizer is a small business that focuses on offering affordable quality and value-oriented jewelry and accessories.

The shop offers a range of affordable accessories and jewelry items including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ear-rings, neck bracelets and necklids. 

“We hope to provide affordable value and quality jewelry for our customers.

I want the customers to have a great experience with our products,” Srinas said.

Srinas and her team have made the decision to expand their business by opening a new outlet in the capital Kathmandu.

“The Kathmandukan capital is the place where we live, work and play,” Sisrinas added. 

Srinivas said that her goal was to expand her business to serve Nepalis who are seeking affordable, high quality, and stylish jewelry, earring, necklace and ear-ring accessories. 

The new outlet will have a larger selection of quality jewelry, including jewelry made from real gems and gemstones.

“We want to create a more inclusive, multicultural, and international community for our clients,” Srisans said. 

She hopes to bring more customers to the outlet and provide them with a better experience.

“People come to us from all over the world. 

They come from all walks of life.

They are from all corners of the world and they are looking for affordable quality, high-quality jewelry, accessories and products,” said a Wall Jewelier Organizer representative. 

On their website, the brand said that they will be focusing on a wide range of items from affordable jewelry, necklace, neck bracelet and earrings to jewelry made of natural gemstones, gems, and stones. 

Their latest project, “The Art of Love”, has been featured on “CBS This Morning” and other shows and has been received well with consumers.

The store is currently planning to open a second store in Nepal soon. 

A similar brand, The Wall Jewelerer Organizer has been in the Nepalese jewelry business for over two decades. 

This is the second new outlet to open in Nepal and the first outlet to be located in Kathmandakan. 

 (Images: The Wall Jewels Organizer)

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