John Hardy gets in on the jewelry cleaning trend

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A man with a penchant for cleaning jewelry boxes has found himself in the spotlight as well.

John Hardie, a man who has spent much of his career cleaning jewelry and other items in his own home, has recently been featured in the popular Netflix series “Hands on.”

The series follows Hardy as he begins to build a business cleaning up his own jewelry boxes and other objects, including his own custom jewelry, to provide for his family.

Hardy said he’s not looking to profit off the attention.

Instead, he hopes to show people what it’s like to make something in their own home.

He said he has also been in contact with the Smithsonian Institution to learn more about its collection.

“I was just trying to get some insight into the Smithsonian’s collection,” Hardie said.

“The collection is amazing.

They have this incredible collection of objects that you can only find in the Smithsonian museum.

So that was just a little bit of fun for me to come up with.”

Hardy’s business has grown from a small box he made to a full-scale business.

It’s now in the works for a second season.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Do you sell anything?,’ and I just say, ‘I sell some stuff on Etsy.

You can come in here and get some,'” Hardie explained.

He added that his business has had a “great response” to the show.

“Everybody wants to learn and they want to learn something, and I think that’s a good thing, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to learn,” he said.

The Smithsonian has a dedicated section dedicated to the collection.

In a video on the Smithsonian website, curator Mary Anne Pizarro said the collection contains about 2,000 pieces of jewelry.

She also mentioned the Smithsonian had a collection of about 3,500 pieces of Jewelry of the West jewelry in 2015.

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