‘Evil eye’ jewelry can be seen in a video showing the kidnapping and torture of Israeli blogger Yishai Vardi

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On Sunday, a video emerged of the abduction and torture and murder of a blogger, Yishay Vardi, who is now in the custody of the Israeli government, Israel Radio reported.

The video showed Vardi being dragged from his home in the village of Beit Ummar in the Negev desert, where he lived in exile, and then placed in a van.

Vardi was taken from the van and beaten and tied up before being driven to a desert camp, where Israeli forces allegedly beat him with an electric cable, stripped him naked, and beat him repeatedly with a metal rod.

Vardis body was found with a skull fractured, a head injury, and a skull fracture.

The Israeli government said in a statement that the death of Vardi is an act of “treason” and that it is investigating the video.

The murder of Vardisi was an “act of terror and terrorism” and an “execution” of an Israeli citizen, said the statement.

The government said that Israel is “fully committed to rooting out those who seek to harm Israelis” and is committed to fighting all forms of terrorism.