Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” stars Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson reveal their personal jewelry stories

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Jennifer Anistar, Emma Wittenberg and Daniel J. Jewelry Inc. on Friday shared their personal stories of jewelry, detailing their love of collecting and sharing their own personal jewelry with the public.

The four actresses shared their jewelry stories and shared that they had “a collection of our own” before joining Disney in 2017.

The actresses told the Los Angeles Times that their collections began in the early 2000s with jewelry that they found on their families or friends.

In addition to the Disney theme park attraction, Anistar and Wittenburger shared personal jewelry collections from a variety of different jewelry brands.

Aniston and Witteberg shared a necklace with a silver chain, a diamond ring, and a ring with a turquoise stone.

The actress, who has a personal collection of about 100 pieces, said that her collection is “so eclectic and so diverse that I’m actually not sure if I could even describe it all.

We have a lot of different things.”

Wittenberg shared her collection with the publication, saying that her jewelry is “a mix of my own jewelry and things that I collect, like vintage jewelry.”

She said that the jewelry has a wide range of colors and designs, and that it’s “a pretty amazing thing to find in a jewelry store.”

Jennifer Aniston and Emma Watson share a bracelet from their personal collection, which includes a stone and pearls, as well as gold chains and diamonds.

Jenna Fischer/Getty ImagesAniston said that she’s been inspired by the Disney character Belle from the “Beauties and the Beasts” movies and other Disney movies.

She said she first discovered her collection when her son bought her an expensive piece of jewelry that she had never seen before.

Aniston said she had originally intended to share it with her son and niece, but her husband was “really excited” about sharing it with his family.

The first person Aniston told to see the jewelry was her son, who asked her if he could see it and told her that it was “beautiful.”

Aniston was “stunned” and “blown away,” she told the publication.

“I was like, ‘This is incredible.

I have such a great collection!'”

Aniston continued.

“I didn’t think my husband would even look at it.

But he has such a deep love for it, and he’s such a Disney fan, so he was really excited.

I couldn’t be more grateful for it.”

She continued: “I had been searching for this piece of treasure for so long, and I was like ‘I can’t believe this is here.

This is so amazing.

I can’t wait to share this with my family.'”

Aniston shared the story of her jewelry collection with Entertainment Weekly, which called it “a personal treasure trove of jewels that you will treasure forever.”

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