Aussie woman is the first overseas tourist to get a custom made KATE SPADE ring

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Posted November 07, 2018 11:03:54 A Perth woman has become the first Australian overseas tourist ever to get her own custom made diamond ring.

Kate Spade Jewelry in the Perth suburb of Eastwood is a jewellery company based in the US, but is based in Australia.

The company has already made a few custom made rings for other Australian residents including American tourist Julie Rimmer.

“I was lucky enough to be selected to do a custom ring for my friend Julie and her husband who live in New Zealand,” Ms Rimmer said.

“The rings are all custom made, they are hand engraved and all the rings come with a diamond tip.”

It was a very cool experience for me to have my own custom ring, it’s just a great opportunity to have an Australian custom made ring made for me,” Ms Spade said.

There’s something really special about getting something custom made for someone who lives overseas,” she said. “

It’s a very special moment for me because I’m so grateful that I was chosen to do the custom.”

There’s something really special about getting something custom made for someone who lives overseas,” she said.

Ms Spades custom diamond ring, made with real diamonds and metal, was designed to be wearable for the wearer’s birthday.

The rings cost $25,000. “

When it arrived I was quite surprised because it was quite small,” Ms Molloy said.

The rings cost $25,000.

She had a dream come true.

Ms Molls dream came true.

“They are the first diamond rings made in Australia,” she told ABC Radio Perth.

“These are really, really beautiful.”

ABC News Online: Australian tourists to get custom made diamonds at jewellery store

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