How to buy an expensive ring from a Chinese shoemaker

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Chinese jewelry makers are turning to the Internet to fill their inventory with high-end jewelry, but there are still some hurdles to overcome.

A new report from the Associated Press finds that many Chinese online sellers are selling a large number of low-quality goods, making them a prime target for the black market.

The AP visited six Chinese online stores, each of which had thousands of low quality pieces, ranging from small to large.

The report shows that a few of the products sold by the six sites have not been tested for authenticity by a third-party company.

Many items are made by low-wage workers who are paid less than $3 an hour.

One of the sites,, said in a statement that it was “working closely with the government to crack down on counterfeit goods” and promised to do so.

Alibaba is not the only online marketplace to offer such goods.

eBay, the online marketplace, is one of several online sellers that sells low-end pieces made by workers for less than the official $3 hourly rate.

Some items are also listed as “out of stock,” which means they are unavailable in a certain quantity.

Alaska’s government has stepped up enforcement against the black markets, including a recent crackdown that led to the seizure of hundreds of items, including the jewelry of state officials.

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